Festival Fun

It was wonderful to see so many people at our Harvest Festival this morning.  Well done to all our new pupils in Class 1 who stole the show with their Harvest songs.  Look forward to seeing you all at Harvest Supper at 3:30pm



Class 4 Trip to Paignton Zoo

I had a great day with Class 4 at Paignton Zoo on Monday.  We took part in an interesting interactive education session where the children investigated animal classifications and explored a variety of skeletons.  After lunch, we had a tour of the zoo and I was really impressed at how well the children behaved.  I was even stopped twice by other visitors to the park, to congratulate me on their lovely manners and exemplary behaviour.  I was really proud of Class 4 and how well they represented the school.  I think everybody will agree that we had a great day!

Thank you to FOBS for kindly covering the cost of the transport for this trip.

Steph Rolfe

School Governor