Our Governors

All governing bodies are legally constituted and have an Instrument of Government which sets out their size and representation. The size of the governing body at our school is eleven and is broadly representative of our main stakeholders: the community, the parents, the staff, the local authority and the church.


The Law states that:


“The governing body has general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement” (Section 21 of the Education Act 2002)


The governing body is accountable for the performance of the school and it fulfils that by setting the aims of the school and its priorities for improvement. It agrees, monitors and evaluates the policies, targets and actions by which the school will move forward, including setting and monitoring the school budget.

Schools Financial Benchmarking


The governing body’s role is strategic. Governors are not expected to be involved in the detail of the day-to-day management of the school. The head teacher has responsibility for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and for implementation of the strategic framework established by the governing body.


Parent and staff governors are elected onto the governing body, the local authority and the foundation governors are appointed from outside the governing body with Co-opted governors being appointed by the governing body itself.

The current governors are as follows:

Sarah Milne
Role : Headteacher

Steph Rolfe
Role : Foundation Governor (Chair of Governors, Chair of Resources Committee and Pay & Performance Committee)

Juliet Hillier
Role : Staff Governor

Lynne Guest
Role : Parent Governor

Role : Parent Governor

Role : Parent Governor

Role : Co-opted Governor

All governing boards, no matter what type of schools or how many schools they govern, have three core functions:

In our school the full board meet once every half-term and are supported by two committees, both of which have delegated authority.  These are the Resources Committee, which monitors the school finances, and the Teaching and Learning Committee, focusing on standards and attainment.  Any work undertaken by the committees is reported back to the full board.

An Action and Evaluation Group is a sub-committee that reports to the Teaching & Learning Committee. This group has a role to challenge and scrutinise attainment results, examining how assessments are formed, measured and triangulated across the school.

In addition the board has a Pay and Performance Committee, which meets at least twice a year, with delegated responsibility for ensuring that staff appraisal is appropriately carried out.

There are two further committees which only meet if there is a need for them to do so.  These committees are convened to consider any formal proceedings, such as a staff disciplinary issue or the permanent exclusion of a pupil.

The terms of reference for each of these committees explains what delegated authority the committee has been given to make decisions on behalf of the board.


Full Governing Body Minutes

FGB Minutes 25th May 2022

FGB Minutes 27th April 2022

FGB Minutes 30th March 2022

FGB Minutes 16th February 2022

FGB Minutes 9th December 2021

FGB Minutes 13th October 2021

FGB Minutes 15th July 2021

FGB Minutes 17th June 2021

FGB Minutes 19th May 2021

FGB MInutes 25th March 2021

FGB Minutes 11th February 2021

FGB Minutes 3rd December 2020

FGB Minutes 22nd October 2020

FGB Minutes 20th July 2020

FGB Minutes 8th July 2020

FGB Minutes 21st May 2020

FGB Minutes 22nd April 2020

FGB Minutes 5th February 2020

FGB Minutes 4th December 2019

FGB Minutes 16th October 2019

FGB Minutes 10th July 2019

FGB Minutes 15th May 2019

FGB Minutes 3rd April 2019

FGB Minutes 6th February 2019

FGB Minutes 5th December 2018

FGB Minutes 17th October 2018

Resources Committee Terms of Reference and Minutes

Terms of Reference – Resources Committee -November 2021

Resources Committee Minutes 29th June 2022

Resources Committee Minutes 4th May 2022

Resources Committee Minutes 9th March 2022

Resources Committee Minutes 26th January 2022

Resources Committee Minutes 17th November 2021

Resources Committee Minutes 6th October 2021

Resources Committee Minutes 1st July 2021

Resources Committee Minutes 6th May 2021

Resources Committee Minutes 11th March 2021

Resources Committee Minutes 28th January 2021

Resources Committee Minutes 19th November 2020

Resources Committee Minutes 24th September 2020

Resources Committee Minutes 24th June 2020

Resources Committee Minutes 6th May 2020

Resources Committee Minutes 11th March 2020

Resources Committee  Minutes 29th January 2020

Resources Committee Minutes 20th November 2019

Resources Committee Minutes 9th October 2019

Resources Committee Minutes 26th June 2019

Resources Committee Minutes 1st May 2019

Resources Committee Minutes 20th March 2019

Resources Committee Minutes 23rd January 2019

Resources Committee Minutes 21st November 2018

Resources Committee Minutes  26th September 2018

Teaching & Learning Committee Terms of Reference and Minutes

Terms of Reference – Teaching and Learning Committee- October 2021

T&L Committee Minutes 8th June 2022

T&L Committee Minutes 3rd November 2021

T&L Committee Minutes 17th June 2021

T&L Committee Minutes 4th March 2021

T&L Committee Minutes 5th November 2020 

T&L Committee Minutes 10th June 2020

T&L Committee Minutes 26th February 2020

T&L Committee Minutes 30th October 2019

T&L Committee Minutes 12th June 2019

T&L Committee Minutes 27th February 2019

T&L Committee Minutes 7th November 2018

T&L Committee Minutes 13th June 2018

Performance & Pay Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference – Performance and Pay Committee – November 2021

Action Evaluation Group Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference – Action and Evaluation Group – October 2021

First Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference – First Committee – October 2021

Second Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference – Second Committee – October 2021

Archived Minutes


FGB Minutes 11th July 2018

FGB Minutes 16th May 2018

FGB Minutes 21st March 2018

FGB Minutes 31st January 2018

FGB Minutes 6th December 2017

FGB Minutes 18th October 2017

FGB Minutes 12th July 2017

FGB Minutes 17th May 2017

FGB Minutes 3rd March 2017

FGB Minutes 2nd February 2017

FGB Minutes 8th December 2016

FGB Minutes 13th October 2016

FGB Minutes 13th July 2016

FGB Minutes 25th May 2016

FGB Minutes 16th March 2016

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FGB Minutes 2nd December 2015

FGB Minutes 21st October 2015

Resources Committee

Resources Committee Minutes 27th June 2018

Resources Committee Minutes 9th May 2018

Resources Committee Minutes 7th March 2018

Resources Committee Minutes 24th January 2018

Resources Committee Minutes 22nd November 2017

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Resources Committee Minutes 3rd February 2016

Resources Committee Meeting 18th November 2015

Resources Committee Minutes 16th September 2015

Teaching & Learning Committee

T&L Committee Minutes 28th February 2018

T&L Committee Minutes 8th November 2017

T&L Committee Minutes 21st June 2017

T&L Committee Minutes 1st March 2017

T&L Committee Minutes 10th November 2016

T&L Committee Minutes 30th June 2016

T&L Committee Minutes 24th February 2016

T&L Committee Minutes 25th November 2015